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Husqvarna 94V battery tools

By Adam Freill   

Concrete Construction Equipment

(Photo courtesy of Husqvarna Group)

With three power cutters, one core drill and one dust extractor on its 94V PACE battery system, Husqvarna Construction says it is demonstrating its commitment to supplying powerful electric products for demanding jobs in the construction industry.

“As a trusted partner to our customers, we want to support them in getting the most demanding jobs done, even in remote, off-grid locations. With the PACE battery system, we have a powerful range of machines as a strong alternative for operators who prefer all the benefits that a battery product can offer, but need high power for heavy-duty applications,” stated Joe Taylor, the company’s vice-president of product and service management.

The newest additions to the PACE line-up are the DM 1 PACE core drill and DE 120 H PACE dust extractor for heavy duty applications.

Designed for heavy-duty drilling applications, both indoors and outdoors, and wet and dry drilling, the DM 1 PACE is a battery-powered core drill. It is a stand-mounted machine that is compatible with the company’s DS 500 drill stand. It can also be paired with the DE 120 H PACE dust extractor.

Since dust is the enemy on any construction job, Husqvarna designed the DE 120 H PACE for use with larger handheld power tools, such as those used in Ultra-Early Entry sawing, as well as in various surface preparation applications such as floor grinding, shot blasting and scarifying.




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