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Cummins invests in Sion Power to develop lithium metal technology

By Adam Freill   


Cummins logo.Cummins Inc. is investing in battery power. The company has entered into an agreement with Sion Power Corporation, a leading developer of high-energy rechargeable battery technology, to design and supply battery cells based on their proprietary lithium metal technology for commercial vehicle applications.

In connection with the agreement, Cummins has also made an investment in Sion Power giving them a minority stake in that firm. Under the agreement, Sion Power will engage in a multi-year development program to design and supply large-format lithium metal battery cells for use in Cummins battery packs. The batteries developed by Cummins will be integrated in its electric powertrains for commercial vehicles.

“Our customers rely on Cummins to provide the most robust electric powertrains in the world,” said Amy Davis, vice-president of Cummins and president of the company’s New Power segment. “We need battery technologies that will meet the performance and cost expectations for tough, commercial vehicle duty cycles.”



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