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Hilti Fast-Change Coring

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Hilti X-Change module (X-CM) core bits are the first in the market  that can be re-tipped on the jobsite in just a few minutes using only a simple screwdriver by replacing a worn module with a new one instead of replacing the entire core bit. Hilti X-CM core bits offer fast core and bit removal in the event a bit becomes stuck in the concrete.  Having one barrel and three X-CM modules is comparable to three complete bits. The process is more cost effective as replacing a module is less expensive than buying an entire new bit. Modules are easier to store and transport than complete bits, giving you the ability to always have a back-up. The LCS X-CM module provides best in class speed while wet coring and users can switch to dry hand held coring in un-reinforced masonry easily by changing to the LM module.  The LCL X-CM module offers best in class life in wet coring. Available in a wide range of diameters from 2” to 8”, the Hilti X-CM module retips, renews and restores core bit life. www.ca.hilti.com


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