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Cortec MCI 2020 Gel aims to protect embedded rebar from corrosion

By On-Site Staff   

Concrete Construction Materials


Corroding rebar can be a big problem for reinforced concrete.

Topical inhibitors can counter the issue when a surface can be properly prepared, but corrosion control specialist Cortec Corp.’s MCI-2020 Gel is designed to work even when concrete can’t be prepped due to high cost or inaccessibility.

The migrating corrosion inhibitor can be delivered directly into concrete, where it’s able to move through and concrete, depositing a protective layer of molecules to shield against corrosive elements such as chlorides and carbonation. The company says the non-flammable and non-combustible gel contains no secondary amines or nitrites.

The gel can be used in most concrete repair or maintenance applications, including parking garages, dams, balconies, building facades, structural walls and tunnels.


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