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Concrete surface preparation attachments

By Adam Freill   

Concrete Equipment

Aquajet’s series of Rotolance attachments are designed to clean, remove and roughen concrete, leaving a bonding surface that meets international guidelines for the majority of concrete surface profiles. The attachments pair with the company’s Aqua Cutter 410 and 710 series robots, Aqua Cutter 750V, Ergo System and Aqua Spine.

“Proper surface preparation is necessary for long-lasting concrete restoration,” said Roger Simonsson, Aquajet’s managing director.

Hydrodemolition, sometimes referred to as water blasting or water jetting, is capable of achieving concrete surface profile (CSP) 3 through 10, making the surface suitable for a wide range of film coatings, concrete overlays and repair materials.

The Rotolance attachments use a rotating spray bar with multiple nozzles and rotation speeds up to 1,000 RPM and offer adjustable traverse speed. They can be used in horizontal, vertical and overhead applications.

Contractors with a lightweight Ergo System can choose from two Rotolance attachments, the 130 and 130S, which are also compatible with the Ergo Climber and Ergo Spine. The Rotolance 1000 and Rotolance 2500 pair with the company’s Aqua Cutter robots and cover a surface diameter as wide as 14 inches (360 mm). Additionally, both of these Rotolance attachments can replace the regular cutting heads on the Aqua Spine. The Rotolance 1000 is rated for a maximum pressure of 1000 bar or 14,500 PSI, while the Rotolance 2500 is rated for 2500 bar or 36,250 PSI.






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