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Concrete boom pump

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October 30, 2014 by On-Site

Schwing's S20 concrete boom pump.

Schwing’s S20 concrete boom pump has a four-section Double Z boom and offers 820 degrees of articulation with 270 degrees at both the third and fourth sections, allowing many possible configurations in confined spaces. Combined with a 12-ft., 7-in. unfolding height, the S20 can be used indoors, under overhead structures and in tunnels. Overall reach of the boom is 63 ft. 8 in. vertically and 51 ft. 10 in. horizontally. The standard pump kit is the 2023-3 110/75 SC with 124 cu. yd. per hour output and the standard truck used for the pump is a Kenworth T370 with 330-hp. www.schwing.com

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