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Bomag multi-purpose compactor

By Adam Freill   

Construction Equipment Equipment Technology

(Photo courtesy of Bomag)

The new generation Bomag BMP 8500 multi-purpose compactor is designed to be robust, powerful and reliable. Built for operation in confined applications like trench and pipeline construction, the machine is also well suited to landscaping, compacting of backfill and for foundation work.

The updated compactor is equipped with an upgraded radio remote control that allows the controller to be used on every BMP 8500 in the fleet. The remote control’s unique “teach” function quickly and intuitively pairs the unit to the machine. Should the controller be misplaced, a new one can be paired to any machine in the fleet quickly and without special knowledge or tools. Multiple trench rollers can be operated simultaneously at the jobsite without the need to coordinate or adjust individual radio frequencies, increasing operational flexibility.

The lightweight remote controller also features an ergonomic design with paddle-style joysticks to simplify compactor travel and multiple indicator lights for intuitive control.

The trench roller offers a variable working width that can be quickly adjusted from 24 inches (600 mm) to 33.5 inches (850 mm) in a few simple steps. It is powered by a 19.4-hp (14.5-kW) Kubota D 1005 diesel engine that meets Tier 4F / Stage V emissions standards.

Integrated into the machine is the Bomag Operator Safety System (BOSS), which automatically shuts down the machine if it comes too close to the operator. Keeping the operator updated on compaction progress, Bomag Economizer allows soft spots in the fill to be easily identified and addressed to avoid unnecessary passes.




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