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Battery-powered compact excavator

By Adam Freill   

Equipment Equipment Technology Green Construction

(Photo courtesy of Takeuchi)

Takeuchi’s TB20e is a battery-powered compact excavator designed to deliver similar performance to the company’s diesel-powered TB216 compact excavator. Powered by a lithium-ion battery that offers a continuous working range from four to eight hours, depending on application and environment, the excavator features an on-board charger with 95v to 265v single-phase power.

When operators require additional runtime, they can tether the TB20e to the onboard charger and remain operational. A faster, optional off-board charger can charge the TB20e in just two to four hours using 408v to 552v three-phase power. An emergency switch located on the seat riser prevents the machine from operating or charging when activated.

The TB20e has an operating weight of 4,255 lb. and features a standard long arm with integrated thumb mount. It has a maximum dig depth of 7’10” and a maximum reach of 13’4”. A primary hydraulic circuit plumbed to midarm delivers 9.0 GPM for running a hydraulic hammer or other hydraulically driven attachments. Because the TB20e has no engine, there is no need for fuel filters, engine oil, engine oil filters or coolant.

Inside the cab, operators will find a colour, 4.3” high-definition, multifunction monitor, electrohydraulic joystick controls, key start, comfortable suspension seat, traditional travel and blade control levers and an electronic dial throttle. This dial throttle increases the motor speed incrementally; however, unlike a diesel engine that gets increasingly louder as its RPMs ramp up, the TB20e’s only sounds come from its motor and pumps.

The Takeuchi Fleet Management (TFM) telematics system comes standard on the TB20e with free access throughout the machine’s two-year standard warranty period.




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