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B2W Software expands alerts and notifications

By Adam Freill   

Construction Software

(Photo courtesy of B2W Software, a Trimble company)

The B2W Platform from B2W Software, a Trimble company, now features extensive new alerts and notifications capabilities. These newest features of the heavy construction management software allow contractors to communicate automatically and in real time across the office, field and shop for efficient resource scheduling, field performance tracking, and equipment maintenance workflows.

“Things change constantly in construction, and immediate alerts and notifications are emerging as important options for getting information into the hands of people that need it, when they need it,” says Bob Brown, general manager for B2W Software.

More than two dozen actions taken in the B2W Schedule, B2W Track and B2W Maintain applications can now trigger immediate messages delivered to selected recipients by text message or email. These actions range from creation of resource assignments and maintenance requests to submission, approval or rejection of field logs and mechanic timecards.

The B2W Track application for field performance tracking and analysis can now trigger alerts and notifications when field logs (for crews) or work logs (for individual employees) are created, submitted, approved, rejected or transferred. B2W Maintain users can now generate and manage messages indicating when preventive maintenance services are due and for the creation and status of maintenance requests, work orders, and purchase orders.

Electronic forms created with B2W Inform can also be set up to generate alerts and notifications based on the data entered into specific fields. Common examples include identification of a defect on an equipment inspection form or notification of an injury on a safety incident form.

Notifications regarding new or changed personnel assignments, equipment moves or material deliveries can be sent to employees or external recipients with the B2W Schedule application for resource scheduling and dispatching. The update also includes enhancements for reviewing these notifications and for communicating acceptance, rejection or completion of the activities initiated by the alerts and notifications.

The B2W Platform includes applications to manage estimating, resource scheduling and dispatching, performance tracking, equipment maintenance and electronic forms and reporting.




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