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3D Laser Scanner

January 14, 2015   By On-Site

Faro's handheld Freestyle 3D ScannerFaro's handheld Freestyle 3D Scanner

The Faro Freestyle 3D handheld scanner is equipped with a Microsoft Surface tablet and offers real-time visualization by allowing the user to view point cloud data as it is captured. The Freestyle 3D scans to a distance of up to three (3) meters and captures up to 88K points per second with accuracy better than 1.5mm. The patent-pending, self-compensating optical system also allows users to start scanning immediately with no warm up time required. The portability enables users to maneuver and scan in tight and hard-to-reach areas. Memory-scan technology enables Freestyle 3D users to pause scanning at any time and then resume data collection where they left off without the use of artificial targets.

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