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Ledcor shakes up leadership

By Rob Blackstien   


Construction giant makes some changes near the top of the food chain.

Ron Stevenson (right) is the No. 2 man at Ledcor. (Photos by Tom Sandler, theglobeandmail.com)

Ledcor Group of Companies Chairman and CEO Dave Lede has announced several leadership moves, effective as of September 14.

Ron Stevenson, who was promoted to President of Ledcor Group of Companies in 2016, will now take on a new role as Vice Chairman, Ledcor Group of Companies. He’ll support the company’s major operating groups in their strategic pursuits. Stevenson has been with Ledcor over a half century and has served on the Board of Directors for 37 years.

Tom Lassu, formerly President, Ledcor Industries, takes over as President, Ledcor Group of Companies. In this capacity, he will support the firm’s major operating groups with their strategic relationships and lead executive success planning. Lassu will continue to head up inclusion and diversity initiatives. He’s a Ledcor veteran of 35-plus years and has served on the Board since 2014.

Finally, Jeff Watt, who was promoted to president, Energy, Mining and Infrastructure in 2016, will now assume Lassu’s old role of President, Ledcor Industries. Watt’s job will consist of leading the executive team at Ledcor Constructors while also overseeing the company’s construction and LTS operating groups. He’s been with Ledcor over 20 years, serving on the board for the last two years.


“These executive changes demonstrate our ongoing commitment to developing our people,” said Lede. “Shaping and refining our senior leadership model and succession strategy will strengthen our executive team for the future.”


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