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Top Five Contractors Under 50 Employees

By On-Site Staff   


Small and mid-sized construction firms are the bedrock of Canadian contracting. A few dozen big players book hundreds of millions, or even billions, of dollars in revenue each year, but a huge portion of the work coast to coast is still borne by contractors with fewer than 50 staff full-time.

Every year, On-Site highlights the top five of these contractors. Each punching well above their weight and stickhandling tens of millions in work, all exhibit the collaborative drive it takes for small teams to successfully tackle big projects.

This year’s Top Five Contractors Under 50 Employees are listed below. To go further in depth, read through our 2021 Top Contractors report, or take a deep dive into this year’s top small contractor and learn how Caliber Projects is working to establish itself as a “small giant” in B.C.’s Fraser Valley.


Based on responses to research conducted by On-Site as part of the 2021 Top Contractors report. Some contractors chose not to participate in this research.


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