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Making the complicated look simple – and interesting

By Adam Freill   

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One of the tell-tale signs of a professional is that they are there to get a job done, and they are great at making the difficult look easy.

Adam Freill, Editor
On-Site Magazine

The photo contest edition is one of the issues that I most look forward to each year. I love getting out to tour construction sites and buildings — usually working from the basements and mechanical rooms and walking through the service corridors that don’t make the glossy sales brochures. Seeing shots like those in our contest is pretty much the next best thing.

Over the years, I have developed an appreciation for what so many users of structures rarely stop to consider. As you well know, it takes teams of highly skilled professionals to build the roads that we all use, the hospitals and water systems that keep us healthy and safe, and the buildings in which we live and work — but I’m not telling you anything that you don’t already know.

Of course, even construction professionals don’t always stop to consider how complicated these projects are, nor how many steps are involved in the creation of these facilities and structures that so many take for granted — and very often we are too busy to step back to take a look at the setting and all the activity that’s buzzing on and around a jobsite.

I guess that’s one of the big tell-tale signs of a professional — they are there to get a job done, and they are great at making the difficult look easy, or at least easier. This photo issue is a chance for us to salute some of what you do, and we thank you for sharing.


On-Site’s annual Canadian Construction Photo Contest provides us a chance to spotlight some of the “behind the scenes” activities that are part of your world. And in sharing these images there is a hope that more people will see (and appreciate) the skills, hours and hard work that is put in to by the members of our construction community.

In the case of our winning shot this year, while it is showing the demolition of a bridge, even demolition is part of our construction world as core city infrastructure is rebuilt and renewed. Improvements and renewal keep crews busy, and improve the lives of users of these new roads and structures.

One of the ways we recognize each year’s photo contest winner is with a donation to a charity of their choice, and I really liked the choice of charity that the winning photographer selected — Fondation CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation.

Hospital foundations help support not only their communities, but also the projects that so many of our readers work on as these institutions are built, renovated, expanded, and so forth. That’s a nice full circle that becomes noticeable when you take time to step back and appreciate some of the connections in this world.

Speaking of connections, we will be looking to make some as we travel to some of the industry shows and events this year, including the CONEXPO show in Las Vegas, and watch your inbox for invites to some of our upcoming webinars and special events — we are deep into planning for 2023. And don’t forget to include some photography in your 2023 plans as well. The next edition of our photo contest will be here before we know it.

Until next time, stay safe and do great work.

Adam Freill / Editor



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