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New TV series will focus on Toronto’s tunnel boring machine

By Rob Blackstien   

Equipment Infrastructure

Smithsonian Channel series Impossible Repairs will explore the Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant Outfall project.

A multi-million tunnel boring project in Toronto will be put under the microscope in an upcoming episode of the television series Impossible Repairs.

This new and original series, airing on the Smithsonian Channel and hosted by Toronto-based award winner Mike Davidson, focuses on the biggest and most complicated machines in the world.

On October 24, the episode about the Toronto boring machine is scheduled to air. The Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant Outfall project involves the design and construction of a tunnel deep under Lake Ontario that will transport treated water and disperse it back into the lake over three kilometres offshore.

Viewers will get to see Davidson travel over 260 feet below the Earth’s surface to watch this machine cut through rock below the lakebed and make a passage around three times as long as the Golden Gate Bridge.



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