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Trade workers losing thousands to traffic

By Adam Freill   

Construction Labour Risk Management

As little as a 10-minute daily delay can cost the average tradesperson over a thousand dollars each year.

(Source: Zego)

Based on just over an hour of driving each day, the average tradesperson in Canada will spend more than $8,000 travelling to work and jobsites. For those who travel longer distances between jobs, that cost could be much higher, reports Zego, a commercial motor insurance company founded in the U.K. that specializes in van insurance. The company conducted a poll of tradespeople to determine the average commute time for 10 high-demand trades in several countries around the world.

In Canada, they found that a 10-minute delay each day for traffic could add an average of more than $1,200 to driving costs. The Canadian tradespeople with the highest cost per minute in traffic were bricklayers, electricians and plumbers. On average, each of those trades spent almost $10,000-worth of time in traffic in their vans travelling to jobsites. Those 10-minute delays added up to around $1,500 of additional costs each year for those top-three most expensive trades from Zego’s survey.

The number crunching, says the company, underscores the critical need to prevent the escalation of traffic and emphasizes the importance of workers effectively managing their travel time.





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