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Partnership pays off for PCL and SNC-Lavalin

By Andrew Snook   

Construction Financing

 A partnership in potash has paid off for the PCL family of companies and SNC-Lavalin. The two companies, involved in a joint venture, were awarded a $1.5-billion mine facility expansion contract in Vanscoy, Sask.

The owner of the mine, Agrium Inc., stated that its board of directors approved a one million tonne brownfield potash capacity expansion for the Vanscoy facility, which is expected to increase its annual production capacity by approximately 50 per cent. This is expected to boost the annual nameplate capacity to three million tonnes.

The mining facility will continue to operate during the expansion.

Construction for the expansion is set to begin in 2012, and completion is expected to finish sometime in the second half of 2014, with most of the work being done in 2012 and 2013.


Engineering and construction will be carried out by SNC Lavalin Inc. and PCL Industrial Management Inc.

Agrium Inc. is the third biggest potash producer in North America. The Vanscoy facility is located 40 kilometres southwest of Saskatoon and currently employs more than 600 people.


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