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SNC-Lavalin announces Rainbow Hospital Partnership’s successful debt refinancing


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Rainbow Hospital Partnership (RHP) has completed an agreement with lenders to refinance its project debt for the Restigouche Hospital Centre for psychiatric care in New Brunswick. SNC-Lavalin holds a 100 per cent interest in RHP. 

The agreement refinances an aggregate principal amount of $122.9 million: $51.5 million in short-term bonds due in October 2014 and $71.4 million in long-term 30-year bonds, the operation term of the project. This project debt is non-recourse to SNC-Lavalin.

In 2011, RHP was awarded a public-private partnership contract by the province to design, build, commission, finance and provide certain operation and maintenance functions for the hospital.

The facility, being built by an SNC-Lavalin-led joint venture, will have 140 beds in seven in-patient units, and facilities for education and research, clinical support, administration and general support services. SNC-Lavalin will also provide operations and maintenance services for the hospital for 30 years.



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