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OpenLot launches Canada’s largest online equipment rental marketplace

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screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-1-11-06-pmFor the first time, construction professionals in the Greater Toronto Region (GTA) can rent construction equipment online from many of the region’s leading equipment rental companies. OpenLot’s online marketplace and smartphone apps make it possible to find, compare and book equipment anytime from anywhere.

Designed for site supervisors and contractors but open to the general public, OpenLot makes equipment pricing and availability transparent. Both the apps and website let busy construction professionals browse and book equipment outside of regular business hours.

OpenLot recognizes that the right equipment must arrive at the right place at the right time; otherwise, a day of work for an entire crew can be lost and a project delayed. To ensure the quality of equipment and timely delivery, all equipment listed on OpenLot is owned and maintained by high quality rental operators.

“When I talk with site supers, project managers and contractors, they don’t understand why they can’t easily compare and book professional-grade equipment online,” says OpenLot CEO Chris Brennan. “OpenLot addresses a clear need across the construction industry to be able to compare prices and availability without having to make multiple phone calls or depot visits during regular business hours.”


Hundreds of pieces of equipment are listed on OpenLot, ranging from booms and lifts to excavators and generators. OpenLot has secured a partnership with a leading multinational rental company to ensure a wide range of high quality equipment is available.

Local, independent equipment rental companies in the GTA also list inventory on OpenLot. Current suppliers include Leal Rental, Rent Source, Exim Machinery Corporation, Expert Tools Rental and York Region Equipment. A number of other independent rental companies across Ontario are also in the process of listing equipment on the marketplace.

OpenLot’s rental construction equipment marketplace is found at www.openlot.ca. The OpenLot apps are available in the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores.


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