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Gold Seal expands construction certification program

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May 27, 2014 by STAFF REPORT

The Gold Seal Certification program has expanded its Owners’ Project Manager Designation (OPM) to ensure it remains relevant to the needs of the construction industry and stakeholders.

Following a regular review of the Owners’ Project Managers Occupational Profile and exam specifications, it was determined there was a close alignment with a large group of construction professionals that did not fit under current occupational profiles.

This group consists of employees at independent firms that contract project and construction management services to owners and who have a very similar occupational profile to the existing Owners’ Project Managers profile.

By expanding the OPM, a newly formed “Owner’s Construction Manager (OCM)” Certification will capture both the traditional Owner’s Project/Construction Managers and those professional managers from private firms that provide the same service to and for owners.

This program expansion will not impact those already certified as Owners’ Project Managers, as their certification will be reissued under the new designation of Owners’ Construction Manager. For those working in construction management roles, whether for owners directly or through outside firms, the application criteria and process is now live on the Gold Seal Certification website.

For more information visit www.goldsealcertification.com.