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CCA Quality of Documents Workshops Report

By Canadian Construction Association   

Construction Infrastructure CCA documents quality workshops

In 2015 the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) embarked on a series of “Quality of Documents” workshops across Canada to explore and discuss the issue of poor quality documentation, its potential causes, and, perhaps most importantly, potential solutions to address the issue.

In total, 12 workshops were held across Canada, involving more than 600 representatives from all stakeholder groups, including owners, architects, engineers and contractors. The workshop structure allowed for open and candid discussions on the topic, and included an anonymous survey to rank the impact of potential causes and issues related to quality of documents.

With the workshops now complete, CCA is pleased to publish a summary report of both the workshops and the surveys conducted. In the report, readers will find the top five identified causes with the greatest impact on document quality, as identified from more than 400 survey results.

We would encourage industry feedback on this document. Please do not hesitate to contact CCA with any comments, and identifying your industry sector.


Download Executive Summary (PDF)

Download Report (PDF)


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– See more at: http://cca-acc.com/en/information/quality-of-documents-workshops#sthash.pcCYoFDv.dpuf


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