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AI to reach roadbuilding industry

By Adam Freill   

Asphalt Construction Roads

Ontario-based road safety company partnering with university students to explore use of AI in contract bidding.

PHOTO: Adobe Stock/Vadim

RSG International is teaming up with RedBit Development and a Queen’s University-led student club to develop artificial intelligence (AI) technology for the roadbuilding and construction industry. The aim of the unique partnership is the development of “AI Partner,” a tool that can be used to assist employees in understanding, creating and elevating proposals for contracts in the construction industry, leading to more efficient and concise bids, and potentially more awarded contracts.

“We’d like to show people the construction industry is creative and innovative,” explained Elliot Steele, vice-president of technology at RSG International. “We want to pair our staff members across our brands with a tool they can use to accelerate the understanding of complex documents.”

As RSG International continues to grow and diversify its workforce, AI Partner is expected to give employees a better understanding of complex documentation and support training programs during the company’s onboarding process. The company says the goal of the project is not to replace humans, but rather to “superpower” employees in their day-to-day tasks at work.

“We hope to gain knowledge of how AI can affect our businesses and how we can leverage it to move faster and adapt to the ever-changing environment. In addition, we’re looking to partner with Canadian firms to ensure this technology remains Canadian,” added Steele.


RedBit Development and the undergraduate students from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ont., members of QMind, are developing the software with the hope of showcasing the platform during the 2024 Canadian Undergraduate Conference on Artificial Intelligence (CUCAI).

“Working with RedBit has broadened my horizons as a project manager and given me valuable experience working with client-facing projects,” stated Brandon Cheung, the team lead with QMind. “I believe in the near future, AI will be integrated seamlessly into the workplace and magnify the productivity of employees in all industries and fields.”

RSG International and RedBit Development say the team at QMind has been an integral part of developing the proof of concept.

“It’s a way to give back and help the next generation get real-world experience in the tech industry. As an organization, this type of partnership also allows us to recruit new talent,” added Mark Arteaga, founder and president of RedBit Development. “For me, the same opportunity was given to me a long time ago and it opened many doors for me in my career.”




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