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EllisDon to use Timescapes tech

By Adam Freill   

Construction Software

Companies sign strategic partnership to integrate visual construction data into project management.

EllisDon has formalized an agreement to bring Timescapes’ jobsite imagery and analytics to more of its construction projects. Timescapes’ advanced construction cameras, high-resolution timelapse visuals, and AI-powered analytics have been used on several EllisDon projects, with this strategic partnership meaning that the technology will be rolled out to future projects across the construction services company’s business as well.

In a release about the partnership, Timescapes explained that EllisDon’s Data & Digital Engineering team has been actively seeking out and developing strategic partnerships with technology solutions, such as Timescapes, to address such challenges as rising material costs, labour shortages and tighter build timelines. The use of technology is allowing companies, such as EllisDon, address these challenges while improving construction processes and adding value for their clients.

Timescapes cameras capture high-quality visual data from job sites, which is then analyzed via AI analytics technology so that project teams can take action based on the insights. The analytics and visual record of construction progress can allow for quicker and easier dispute resolution, data-driven decision-making, live insights that remove the need for unnecessary site walks and streamlined communication and collaboration with contractors and consultants in the field.

“The integration of AI and advanced analytics is not just a futuristic concept anymore. It’s a reality we’re embracing, exemplified by our use of Timescapes. The technology has given us the ability to not only generate beautiful project visuals and timelapses but also access advanced analytics for activity on site,” said Hammad Chaudhry, EllisDon’s vice-president of Innovation & Construction Technology. “These insights allow our construction and project teams to review construction progress remotely while also being able to make more informed decisions about the project.”


Chester Boyes, Timescapes’ CEO and founder, views the partnership with EllisDon as another strong step forward for the company in the Canadian construction industry.

“Our mission is to empower construction teams with the critical information they need to build better, faster, and safer in a much more collaborative way. We see visual data as the key component to achieving this goal,” he explained. “The strategic partnership with EllisDon, a leader in Canadian construction, will provide us with deeper insights into how companies can leverage visual data and analytics at both the project and overall organization level so we can continue to build on our market-leading solution.”






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