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product Software
February 2, 2021  

Boston Dynamics adds arm to dog-like job site robot

on-your-radar Software
February 1, 2021  

VIDEO: RentAll Construction’s new mobile app is changing the construction worksite!

News Software
January 28, 2021  

Six heavy construction software trends for 2021

feature Software
January 20, 2021  

No going back: The abrupt turn to technology on job sites looks unstoppable

product Software
January 19, 2021  

Bridgit looks to platform integration with launch of Sync

feature Risk Management Software
January 12, 2021  

The construction data journey: Start now!

product Software
December 18, 2020  

Leica updates in-field app to include data acquisition and visualization

feature Software
December 17, 2020  

Giving it up: Contractors clinging to a familiar piece of software

product Software
December 15, 2020  

Sage, GCPay deepen partnership to further streamline subcontractor pay process

product Software
November 23, 2020  

Bridgit integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud helps break down silos

News Software
November 6, 2020  

Procore acquires Esticom, adding new estimating functionality to platform

product Software
November 6, 2020  

Procore introduces series of new artificial intelligence, BIM and cost control features

on-your-radar Software
October 28, 2020  

Stepping Up to Specialized Software for Heavy Construction Estimating

feature Law Risk Management Software
October 26, 2020  

Fixing construction’s payment problem

feature Construction Construction Materials Risk Management Skills Development Software
October 15, 2020  

Staying at the forefront: How Canada’s Top Contractors are preparing for the job sites of the future

product Software
October 14, 2020  

Simplified change orders latest enhancement to B2W Estimate