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Toronto reveals Gardiner Expressway construction plan

Work has begun on revamping one of the city's most important highways.

September 6, 2021   Rob Blackstien

Toronto revealed its plans for revamping the Gardiner Expressway.

Work began August 31 as crews began replacing, repairing and improving the ramps at Logan Ave. The majority of ramp work will be performed on weekends, with the goal of completing the project in 2024.

The Lake Shore Boulevard East project — estimated at close to a $1 billion — includes removing the Logan, located at the eastern end of the expressway — and widening the Lakeshore Bridge which spans the Don River.

This work is part of both the Gardiner Expressway Rehabilitation Plan and Port Lands Flood Mitigation Protection project. It’s designed to keep the road safer, help improve the livability of the Port Lands area and improve access to this area. The city believes this project will also significantly enhance the climate resiliency as per the Port Lands Flood Mitigation Protection project.


Work on Lakeshore East is expected to begin in November.



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6 Comments » for Toronto reveals Gardiner Expressway construction plan
  1. Davey says:

    This should’ve been done in 1998. What a joke… 25 years too late.

  2. Petros DRATSIDIS says:

    Good news then!

  3. Bon says:

    They should have added 2 more lanes each way and added a double deck for express travel in and out. Not tear down the highway! Big mistake.

    • Rob Blackstien says:

      Good point, Bon. It reminds us of the DVP, which apparently was originally proposed as an eight-lane highway, but scaled back. Hindsight sure is 20-20, isn’t it?

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