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Construction started for Toronto Port Lands transformation

By Jillian Morgan   


The first phase of a $1.25 billion project to protect Toronto’s Port Lands and unlock new land is underway.

Construction has started with lake filling on Cherry Street, a roadway located at Essroc Quay near on the south side of the Keating Channel where it meets Toronto’s inner harbour.

This component of the larger Port Lands transformation is intended to protect the shoreline in flood conditions. It will ultimately form part of a proposed park.

The Cherry Street project received $65 million in tri-government funding through the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund. It will be managed by Waterfront Toronto.


“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transform an underused resource in the heart of downtown,” said Will Fleissig, CEO of Waterfront Toronto.

The remaining $1.85 billion needed to complete the Port Lands project will also be provided through tri-government funding, with each government partner contributing one-third of the full cost.

“The start of construction in Toronto’s Port Lands marks an important milestone in the City’s vision for a vibrant, clean Toronto waterfront,” said Toronto Mayor John Tory. “This is the beginning of unlocking the potential of our underutilized waterfront lands, protecting the area from flooding and supporting new places to live, work and play in Toronto.”

New land will be created around Essroc Quay to allow for the realignment of Cherry Street and construction of a new bridge over the Keating Channel.

The Port Lands Protection Project aims to provide flood prevention through the creation of a naturalized mouth for the Don River and a new river valley. It will also unlock new land for parks, residential and commercial development.

Construction of the Cherry Street project will be completed by March 2020. The Port Lands Flood Protection Project will take approximately seven years to complete.



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