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New Brunswick covered bridges among 148 transportation assets to undergo repair

By Jillian Morgan   

Bridges Construction

FREDERICTON—Spring floods in New Brunswick have affected 160 transportation assets across the province. Of those, the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure identified 148 for remedial work.

Five roads remain closed for repair work in Edmundston, Rivière-Verte, Lakeville Corner and Codys.

A steel panel bridge will be constructed on Deschênes Road, near Rivière-Verte, over the Quisibis River. The current covered bridge will be evaluated for repair for pedestrian use. A covered bridge on Starkey Road near Codys will be restricted to pedestrian use.

Design work is under way to replace a culvert that collapsed on Route 144, near Edmundston. The culvert will need to be custom manufactured due to its size and design.


The Iroquois River Bridge on Des Chalets Street in Edmundston will be replaced with a longer bridge, installed at a higher elevation.

Repair work is also underway on a bridge on Route 690 near Lakeville Corner, which involves jacking the bridge up and moving it back in place. This bridge is scheduled for replacement in the coming years.

The department said it has re-established all major transportation links.


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