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On-Site magazine’s Top Contractors is a project dedicated to determining the leading construction contractors in Canada.

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Will you be ready if COR becomes mandatory?
COR certification is rapidly becoming a prerequisite for commercial contractors bidding on large pro...
Gas saws: Cut to the chase
When it comes to choosing a heavy-duty, gas-powered, hand-held cut-off saw, size is not always the d...
Edmonton scores with LEED silver arena
The Rogers Place Arena in Edmonton is a testament to the long-term durability of concrete, and the a...
Is there an L&M bond? Maybe you should ask . . .
Labour and material payment bonds protect unpaid subcontractors where the contractor that hired th...
Invest in innovation to drive productivity and lower risk
For as long as I can remember the construction industry has been hammered by academics, government a...
Contractor hits homer in Jays’ infield
While he is not being watched as closely as pitcher Marcus Stroman, contractor Vito Nardi definitely...


Pacific Heavy Equipment Show
1190 Cornell Street, Abbotsford, BC


Canadian Design-Build Institute Conference
The Fairmont Winnipeg Hotel, 2 Lombard Place, Winnipeg, MB R3B 0Y3


2016 International Symposium on Asphalt Emulsion Technology (ISAET)
2799 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Arlington, Virginia 22202 United States