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Retrofit kits to update excavator fleets

By Adam Freill   

Construction Equipment Equipment Technology

(Photo courtesy of Komatsu)

Komatsu is offering its Smart Construction Retrofit kits as a simple way to upgrade conventional Komatsu excavators to equip the machines with 3-D guidance and payload monitoring. Designed to improve grading performance and provide more time- and cost-management tools, the kits can bring 3-D to most Komatsu excavators. The kits are engineered to be installed by a local Komatsu distributor to give operators in the field and managers in the office access to 3-D design and payload data to help drive accuracy, control load volumes and improve operations.

Once a conventional excavator is fitted with Smart Construction Retrofit, operators no longer have to set up a laser or bench every time the machine moves. The global navigation satellite system (GNSS) can determine where a machine is on the job site and what the target grade is. The need for additional labour is reduced because the technology collects and delivers information directly to the operator, so fewer people have to be working on the ground, or in an open trench.

Machine production can also be monitored from the office by integrating Smart Construction applications, and as-built and payload data can be collected for progress tracking. The payload meter helps prevent overloaded trucks by promoting proper loading weights for on- and off-road vehicles, to reduce the potential for equipment damage and other risks.

“No matter where you are in your Smart Construction journey, we have the expertise to help you integrate and optimize your fleet, based on your specific needs,” said Komatsu’s Ron Schwieters, senior product manager, customer solutions. “Smart Construction Retrofit kits are an entry-level solution that can help bridge the technology gap and drive production improvements to your fleet.”





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