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John Deere mid-sized excavators

By Adam Freill   

Construction Equipment

(Photo courtesy of John Deere)

The newest addition to the John Deere lineup of mid-sized excavators is the company’s 200 G-Tier. Engineered to offer efficiency and reliability without sacrificing power or torque, the machine is equipped with a PowerTech 4.5-litre engine. The excavator is outfitted with easy-to-maintain, high-uptime exhaust filters that aim to decrease downtime for service. Its in-monitor, adjustable flow and pressure auxiliary hydraulics can be easily controlled using the auxiliary function lever.

The Powerwise Plus hydraulic-management system in the 200 G-Tier is designed to deliver on-demand power through intuitive technology. Offering precise pump flow, the pilot controls are metered, helping to provide reliable, fuel-efficient machine performance. With the push of a button on the joystick, operators can boost power and toggle on automatic boom-up and lifting functions. In addition, the optional hydraulic single pedal propel system moves the machine when and where you need it to without having to articulate both hand levers and both foot pedals, making for easier operation.

Customers can also order factory-installed high-pressure, high-flow auxiliary packages, which deliver additional hydraulic capability to power attachments. Aimed to support operator ease of use, the ergonomically correct, short-throw pilot joysticks on the 200 G-Tier provide smooth, precise fingertip control with less movement or effort. Designed to accommodate different operators with the simple flip of a lever, the control pattern-change valve comes standard on the 200 G-Tier, helping to provide consistency on the job. Also standard on the 200 G-Tier is the pattern-control switch, which is conveniently accessible at ground level.

John Deere G-Tier excavators can be equipped with a full line of buckets, which are offered to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications. The new hydraulic coupler-ready option includes factory-installed hydraulic plumbing to the end of the arm, additional coupler controls integrated into a switch in the cab and a quick and efficient coupler installation capability. Popular in the underground segment, couplers allow excavators to efficiently switch attachments and get more productive working hours each day.




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