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Hilti 18 V Battery Packs and Multi-Bay Charger

June 6, 2016   By On-Site Magazine.

The new Hilti B 18/5.2 Li-Ion and B 18/2.6 Li-Ion battery packs are built with higher density cells and use smart software that monitors and controls each cell to protect it against overheating and provide optimal performance and charging. The B18/2.6 CPC Li-Ion Battery is the highest capacity compact battery available on the market at 2.6 Ah, and the larger B18/5.2 offers an impressive 5.2 Ah capacity. These batteries’ higher and more reliable output allows Hilti tools to handle larger loads, while ensuring the power delivered in each trigger pull is always consistent. Designed to stand up under the most demanding weather conditions, the batteries have a Low Temperature Module that allows for dynamic voltage regulation at sub-zero temperatures. This feature ensures that the batteries provide the same level of power in cold-weather applications as in warmer temperatures. The electronics are sealed against moisture, dust and debris. Also, the battery housing is built using glass fiber with an outer, rubberized, soft grip for better handling and improved impact resistance.

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