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In case you missed it. Risk and reward: Data strategy for construction

By On-Site Staff   

Risk Management Software

The perception of the construction industry as a laggard on technology adoption is changing. Contractors and other stakeholders have never been more willing to turn to new sets of tools to help them build more productively, more safely and more knowledgeably.

Specialized software, sensors and other job site technologies are also generating huge amounts of valuable information. Harnessing this data to improve performance and effectively manage risk represents a significant opportunity for contractors, designers and owners. The benefits are likely to become even more pronounced as new tools like machine learning make putting the data to use even easier.

But getting to the point where you can fully utilize your past and present project information requires the right data strategy.


Listen in as experts on construction and risk management go in-depth on the importance of establishing a sound data strategy, share some of the steps for building one and dive a bit deeper into the big opportunities data is likely to provide in the near future.

Our panellists:
  • Chris Gower, Chief Operating Officer, Buildings, PCL Construction,
  • David Bowcott, Global Director – Growth, Innovation & Insight, Global Construction and Infrastructure Group, Aon,
  • Neil Banerjee, Senior Vice President, Operations, Matheson Constructors
  • David Kennedy, Editor, On-Site (moderator)

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