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Infrastructure Canada closes book on $33B in provincial funding deals after inking Saskatchewan agreement

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Financing Infrastructure

REGINA—Ottawa has sealed an infrastructure funding agreement with the Saskatchewan government, finally slamming shut the book on a series of provincial and territorial deals worth a combined $33 billion. Its final long-term infrastructure agreement turns the tap on $896 million in funding for the outstanding province.

The $33 billion in federal funding to be doled out under the agreements is part of Ottawa’s $180 billion 12-year infrastructure plan. The 13 bilateral agreements will pay for public transit and infrastructure coast to coast to coast while spurring investments from the provincial and municipal tiers of government.

“Today’s announcement represents a decade-long commitment to investing in priority projects that address Saskatchewan’s unique infrastructure needs, protect and improve communities’ health and safety, support Saskatchewan’s competitiveness and create significant employment and business opportunities for Saskatchewan’s construction sector and workers,” said Gordon Wyant, minister responsible for SaskBuilds in a statement.

Over the next decade, the money will be funneled into public transit, green infrastructure, recreational, cultural and community infrastructure, as well as rural and northern communities throughout Saskatchewan.


Nearly $308 million will go towards building transit networks and service extensions, and $416 million will be used for green infrastructure projects.

Rural and northern communities will receive $115.9 million for road and marine infrastructure, as well as education and facility upgrades. The smallest portion of the funding — $56.2 million — will be used for cultural and recreational infrastructure.

Infrastructure Canada signed the 12 other agreements over the past eight months, beginning with Northwest Territories in March.


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