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Manitoba investing $34M in new water and wastewater

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The Manitoba government is investing more than $34 million in new water and wastewater upgrades for Manitoba municipalities.

“Our government is investing in important water and wastewater projects in communities across the province,” said Eileen Clarke, Indigenous and Municipal Relations Minister. “These projects will help foster sustainable, safe, healthy communities for Manitobans to live and work. By partnering with municipalities to invest in strategic infrastructure, we are supporting economic growth in Manitoba.”

The announcement, made in Portage la Prairie, is part of a five-year Manitoba Water Services Board capital funding plan that will invest a total of $34.9 million in 21 water and wastewater infrastructure projects across Manitoba.

The City of Portage la Prairie will receive $3 million for water and wastewater system upgrades, including watermain renewal, a new industrial park forcemain, as well as the first phase of water treatment plant upgrades for design drawings. Additionally, the RM of Portage la Prairie is receiving $350,000 for rural water pipeline infrastructure upgrades.


“Clean, safe drinking water is essential to public health, and expanding water and wastewater treatment capacity is necessary for our communities to grow and prosper,” said Chris Goertzen, president, Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM). “The AMM appreciates the Province of Manitoba’s partnership on the Manitoba Water Services Board, as it is only through cost-sharing that these projects can move forward.”

The Manitoba Water Services Board enters into agreements with municipalities and water co-operatives to deliver sustainable water and wastewater infrastructure that enhances economic development while improving public health and environmental concerns, said Clarke.  The Manitoba Water Services Board leads the development of sustainable water and wastewater infrastructure and provides project management for major infrastructure projects. The board conducts feasibility studies and environmental impact assessments for developing inter-municipal or regional infrastructure services.

SOURCE Infrastructure Canada/Canadian Consulting Engineer


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