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The Nexus – Creating Healthcare Spaces to Meet the Needs & Procurement for Strategic Success

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November 05 - November 06, 2018
Bridgepoint Active Healthcare, 1 Bridgepoint Drive, Toronto, M4M 2B5

This year, CCHF’s Toronto Fall session has a twist! A one-day‘ un-conference’ on new projects and new happenings shaping the healthcare facilities with audience input throughout the day to further our discussions in the healthcare environments sector. Many of the recent projects awarded in Ontario will be shared by the building team leaders and clinicians that are in various stages of their projects their approaches for furthering the build to better meet patient needs.

The next day, CCHF is conducting an interactive workshop on Strategic Success for Procurement. Learn from our expert panellists in procurement, architecture, design, hospital owners their perspectives on the procurement process and design. How can Innovative Procurement Methods be Applied to the Capital Build? What are the approaches that have made a difference in technology and equipment? Can we leverage this to get better hospital projects/builds that allow for improving value for money?

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