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Pomerleau acquires Neilson Inc.

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Pomerleau Inc. recently expanded its reach in the construction industry, with the purchase of Neilson Inc., a Saint-Nicolas, Que.-based firm that specializes in civil engineering and infrastructure in Quebec and Western Canada,

Pomerleau president and CEO Pierre Pomerleau stated that the acquisition would allow Pomerleau to expand its range of services and strengthen its position in the energy and infrastructure markets as well as the Plan Nord.

Neilson has worked on the construction of dams, bridges, tunnels, piping systems, gas networks and earthworks; since being founded in 1963.

The company’s more recent projects include the construction of more than 10 hydroelectric generating stations, including: Wuskwatim (Manitoba); Eastmain 1A and the Rupert Dam (James Bay); the Romaine River hydroelectric generating station (Basse-Côte-Nord Territory, Que.); and Umbata Falls (Marathon, Ont.). The company also worked on the St. Lawrence pipeline (Ultramar), the Laval subway tunnel and the tunnel for the Galore Creek goldmine in B.C.


The transaction is expected to be complete by Sept. 30, 2012.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Source: Pomerleau Inc.


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