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PCL releases CSR report

By Adam Freill   

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Company looks to build a sustainable future through corporate social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

(Image courtesy of PCL Construction)

PCL Construction has released its 2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Report, highlighting the company’s achievements in environmental stewardship. In addition to the look back at its 2021 activities, the report also provides an update on the company’s multiyear sustainability road map, which includes reducing construction-related carbon emissions, building infrastructure to power communities with clean energy and leveraging renewable materials when possible.

“As we move forward on our sustainability journey, our ongoing commitment to our core values and guiding principles allows us to operate and build sustainably while delivering unsurpassed value,” says Dave Filipchuk, PCL’s president and CEO. “Our commitment to corporate social responsibility is driven by our three pillars of environmental stewardship, people and communities, and governance.”

To date, the company has built 248 LEED-certified projects with a value of more than $18 billion and completed more than $3 billion worth of renewable energy projects; more than $500 million worth of biofuel and biogas projects; and more than 3.2 gigawatts of solar projects, enough to power more than 2 million homes.

“Through the materials we use and the infrastructure we build, PCL Construction is building a more sustainable world from the ground up,” says Scott Beckman, the company’s director of sustainability. “Environmental stewardship means looking at how our decisions at all steps in the construction process will impact the community in the future and ensuring our projects leave a positive legacy for generations to come.”


PCL’s corporate social responsibility report can be accessed here.



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