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LEED for Neighbourhood Development 2009 now available to public

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January 15, 2012 by Andrew Snook

The LEED for Neighbourhood Development 2009 rating system is ready for the public.

The Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) recently finalized the Canadian Compliance Paths for the rating system and has made them available for viewing online.

The CaGBC developed the Alternative Compliance Paths (ACPs) to deal with sections of the rating system that cover U.S.-specific standards or wording. The ACPs are designed to provide clarity and guidance for Canadian Neighbourhood Development projects, and were developed under the direction of the Canadian LEED-ND Core Committee.

The most recent version of the LEED-ND rating system, LEED 2009 ND, awards points for a variety of elements and design that encourage people to visit local shops and public spaces. One example is the walkability of the neighbourhood.
There are eight Canadian LEED 2009 ND projects currently taking place in Canada.

Mark Laroche, president and CEO of Canada Lands Co. and a CaGBC board member recently called LEED-ND “an excellent measuring stick” for the sustainability of the his company’s projects, and a practical tool for creating “high quality neighbourhood design.”

Canada Lands Co. owns the land for Les Bassins du Nouveau Havre, a 23-acre infill mixed-use development project set up along the Lachine Canal close to Montreal’s downtown. The project is being built according to LEED-ND criteria for green infrastructure and buildings with the location and design encouraging alternative modes of transportation to the automobile.
The CaGBC are encouraging anyone interested in obtaining LEED 2009 ND certification for Canadian projects to “review and employ the ACPs as needed.”

For more information on the LEED for Neighbourhood Development 2009 rating system and the certification process, visit: www.cagbc.org/Content/NavigationMenu/Programs/LEED/RatingSystems/Neighbourhooddevelopments/default.htm

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