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Gordie Howe bridge recognized with sustainable infrastructure award

By Adam Freill   

Bridges Construction Infrastructure

Award salutes efforts to achieve sustainable development and environmental performance standards.

The Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority and Bridging North America have earned an Envision Platinum Award for the Gordie Howe International Bridge project.

This award, the highest distinction presented by the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure,  recognizes efforts to achieve sustainable development and environmental performance standards at every stage of an infrastructure project, from design to construction and implementation.

The achievement is the result of three years of effort by the project team. The project was selected through an independent peer-review process that evaluated 60 sustainability criteria.

Among the sustainability features noted during the peer review was the inclusion of stormwater ponds, low-impact development and bioswales that manage stormwater going into the public system or entering the waterway.


“The Envision Platinum Award is an outstanding achievement,” stated Bryce Phillips, CEO of Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority. “I would like to congratulate the teams involved for their commitment to meet the highest environmental standards for sustainable infrastructure.”


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