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Canadian Construction Association’s reaction to the 2017 Federal Budget

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March 23, 2017 by CCA

OTTAWA – The Canadian Construction Association (CCA) sees the federal government’s Budget 2017 announcement as a reiteration of previous commitments made to the renewal of Canada’s infrastructure. 

“While we expected to see greater detail regarding the Canada Infrastructure Bank and Phase II of the Federal program, CCA is pleased with the high priority it continues to attach to the renewal of Canada’s critical infrastructure,” said Michael Atkinson, president of the CCA. “We look forward to receiving additional details in the coming months and working with the government on a seamless transition from Phase I to the next phase of the Federal infrastructure plan.” 

Also included in this year’s budget were some positive proposed changes to enhance the Federal Temporary Foreign Worker Program, as well as changes to Canada’s building codes to improve energy efficiency and reduce building emissions by promoting retrofits and net-zero construction.

“As the national association representing the Canadian construction industry, we will continue to support all efforts to see investment in infrastructure rolled out in a timely and efficient manner,” added Atkinson. “While short on details, this budget represents another positive step forward in the national effort to improve our competitiveness through the modernization of our nation’s infrastructure. The priority attached to trade infrastructure through the creation of the National Trade Corridor Fund was welcomed and we see it as another positive step forward in the modernization of our trade infrastructure, which are critical to enhancing the ability of Canadian businesses to compete internationally.”

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