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All construction in Ontario to be allowed to reopen by mid-June

May 21, 2021   David Kennedy
Health & Safety

With some exceptions, construction projects have been allowed to continue through the most recent restrictions

All construction projects across Ontario will be allowed to resume under Step One of Ontario’s latest reopening roadmap.

“Today, we’re seeing increasingly positive trends in key public health indicators,” Ford said in a press conference May 20. “As a result, we’re now in a position to look at a slow and measured reopening of the province.”

The Ontario government said the three-stage plan will hinge on the vaccination rate and on key public health indicators, with more and more restrictions being lifted as 60, 70 and 80 per cent of the province’s adult population becomes vaccinated. The province is expected to enter Step One the week of June 14 and spend at least 21 days in each subsequent stage.

Construction will be allowed to reopen during the first stage, and stay active thereafter.


Along upcoming changes under Step One, the province will loosen several restrictions May 22, such as allowing outdoor amenities like gold courses and tennis clubs to open. None of the amendments to the official reopening act announced May 20 point to construction, so no changes are expected for the industry this weekend. Details of the current restrictions are available here.

The province classifies construction as “Open with some limitations to commercial projects” as of May 22.

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  1. This is great news! Hopefully, both commercial and residential construction projects would no longer be put on hold because of the pandemic as I feel like it should have been considered as an essential business in the first place. It was not included on the list of essential businesses based on what I read here, luckily there are some states and places in Canada that deemed it essential eventually since it plays a role in keeping the operation of essential businesses running smoothly amidst the pandemic.

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