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GHD awarded prime consultant role for border bridge projects

By Adam Freill   

Bridges Construction

Global professional services company to oversee detailed design, administration, and contract inspection for Lewiston-Queenston Bridge and Rainbow Bridge rehabilitation projects.

(Photo courtesy of GHD)

GHD will serve as the prime consultant for the rehabilitation projects of the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge and Rainbow Bridge, two critical connections linking New York State and Ontario. The contract, which was awarded by the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission (NFBC), will involve GHD overseeing detailed design, administration, and contract inspection, partnering with bridge construction and preservation experts Greenman-Pedersen Incorporated (GPI) to deliver the work. Work is expected to start next year, with project completion anticipated to happen in 2025.

The pair of bridges have served as vital economic trade routes for more than 60 years, however the the humid conditions of the Niagara Gorge have resulted in early signs of corrosion on the bridges’ skewback connections. GHD and NFBC aim to optimize asset life cycle costs, extend the operational lifespans of the structures, and ensure seamless traffic and flow of goods across the border.

“The collaborative approach brought to the table by the GHD team and NFBC has resulted in a highly innovative design process,” stated Mark Torrie, Ontario transportation engineering leader at GHD. “The rehabilitation scheme being put in place will address present-day concerns and significantly reduce future structure rehabilitation needs.”

Accessing the two structures presents significant challenges due to steep embankments and the swiftly moving waters of the Niagara River below. The work will involve working with three-inch diameter anchor bolts, which are fixed and cannot be readily replaced. This will require a meticulous coating and reassembly process designed to keep the structures in service during the rehabilitation work.


“NFBC’s selection of GHD underscores the team’s proven track record of delivering exceptional bridge work in the region,” added Torrie. “GHD’s team is committed to meticulous planning to ensure the safety and efficiency of the works despite restricted access areas.”




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