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Advanced layout simplified with Hilti PLT 300

By On-Site Magazine   

Equipment Hilti layout system total station


Contractors will find advanced layout simple with the Hilti Layout system PLT 300.  This new system makes everyday layout and measuring tasks easier than ever. But best of all, layout jobs can be completed quickly and efficiently by just one person for increased productivity when compared to traditional methods. The PLT 300 eliminates the traditional learning curve, as no leveling is required and the new Hilti Auto-Stationing technology allows for easy automatic station set-up. Layout and recording jobsite information is simple with a green laser pointer for greater visibility. The PLT 300 comes with the PLC 300 controller, a tablet with a 7-in. display that has permanent wireless contact with the total station putting the complete building plan in the palm of your hand. Building Information Modeling (BIM) and “jobsite to BIM” data flow are now at your fingertips. The easy user interface makes it simple to use the system outdoors on the ground or on facades, or indoors on floors, ceilings and walls, and checking positions on plans and measurements for “as-builts.”


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