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VIDEO: Why is sand in short supply?

September 7, 2017 The Economist

According to The Economist, the world uses 40 billion tonnes of sand each year to build cities and towns, but global reserves are running low. Here’s why:  

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Video: New and unusual interchange opens in Calgary

August 16, 2017 On-Site Magazine

Canada’s first Diverging Diamond Interchange opened this week in south Calgary, fixing one of the city’s most persistent bottlenecks at Macleod Trail and 162 Ave. The unusual new design may take some getting used to, especially since cars will end

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Innovation 2050 – A Digital Future for the Infrastructure Industry

July 11, 2017 Balfour Beatty

Balfour Beatty’s Vision of Future Infrastructure: The construction site of 2050 will be human-free. Robots will work in teams to build complex structures using dynamic new materials. Elements of the build will self-assemble. Drones flying overhead will scan the site

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VIDEO: Original Port Mann Bridge demolition in time lapse

July 27, 2016 On-Site Magazine

The original Port Mann Bridge stood tall in British Columbia for nearly 50 years before officials decided to replace it with a wider bridge of the same name. Built in 1964, the bridge was four-lanes wide and, at the time

The city of Montreal has released a 3-year, $5.2 billion infrastructure budget plan that includes billions in road improvements
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Ontario drivers ignore road rules, threatening safety of construction workers

May 25, 2016 ORBA

A new survey released by the Ontario Road Builders’ Association (ORBA) found one in every three drivers (28%) admits that they are not always focused on the road while driving. This can lead to speeding, weaving or failing to notice

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Video: Excavator operator rescues baby deer

April 1, 2016 by Patrick McConnell

Sometimes the best acts of kindness happen when no one is there to see them. Fortunately, when this excavator operator rescued a deer fawn that was trapped in a mud bog, there was someone there to capture it on video

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$3.5B Massey Tunnel replacement project gets support

March 30, 2016 On-Site Magazine

There is strong public support to replace the Massey Tunnel with a $3.5 billion, 10-lane bridge,  according a recently released report on the public consultation process done by the Government of British Columbia. The report confirms residents are in favour of capacity improvements

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Three teams shortlisted for CAMH redevelopment

February 25, 2016 On-Site Magazine

Video: How CAMH will be transformed

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Edmonton’s Walterdale bridge arch hoisted into place: Video

February 8, 2016 Canadian Consulting Engineer

Signature structure to change city skyline

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K-Tec Earthmovers hook on

February 7, 2016 On-Site Magazine

K-Tec Earthmovers 28 cubic yard 1228ADT scraper model now has a system to mount onto an Articulated Dump Truck (ADT) chassis, in addition to agriculture or construction tractors. Contractors who already have a 25 or 30-Ton ADT in their fleet,

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PCL raises the roof on BMO Field

January 7, 2016 On-Site Magazine

Video: 600-ton crane lifts canopy sections