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2016 Infrastructure Report: Feds turn on the tap

August 31, 2016 Jim Barnes

A massive increase to federal infrastructure funding was made in budget 2016. Some $60 billion over 10 years has been added in two phases to the current $65 million in funding, while the current Building Canada Fund is being accelerated.

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Trudeau kicks off Liberal infrastructure program with $460M B.C. transit deal

June 20, 2016 canadianmanufacturing.com

The federal government has taken a major step in its ambitious infrastructure program. By signing a funding agreement with British Columbia it moves the first block of cash in its multibillion-dollar plan. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Ottawa will spend $460

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New contract provides municipalities the means to deliver much needed core infrastructure

May 26, 2016 Barry Steinberg

The conversation highlighting the dilemma of how governments, especially municipalities, are going to deliver on much needed core infrastructure is well known; even well worn. It is no mystery that Ontario communities, large and small, rural and urban are in

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Feds eye fast infrastructure spend in Alberta: report

January 20, 2016 On-Site Magazine

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has decided to focus initial stimulus efforts in oil-producing Alberta and Saskatchewan, while waiting to assess whether further stimulus is needed nationwide, Bloomberg News reported this week. The government is in talks to quickly allocate $1 billion