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Procore expands digital twin partnership

By Adam Freill   

Construction Software

Construction management software provider now working with Willow to enhance use of data in the built environment.

(Image courtesy of Procore)

A partnership between construction management software provider Procore Technologies and Willow, a provider of digital twin solutions for smart infrastructure and real estate, aims to offer more robust use of data across all levels of the built environment.

The partnership will allow real estate and infrastructure owners to streamline the transition of digital deliverables from the construction phase to handover and operations phases in a more structured and efficient manner, explained Procore. The company says the integrated solution addresses a key industry challenge as the combined resource will allow owners to deliver reliable project data in a format that can be easily used by operations teams.

Through this integration, asset owners can trace and navigate a complete historical record of construction data from their supply chain that is leveraged throughout the asset’s life cycle. This digital thread of information can be used to drive a variety of benefits, from vendor performance assessment to informing portfolio performance management, maintenance, and future construction planning. The integration will also allow owners to deploy digital twin smart asset management solutions with greater speed.

Willow’s digital twin software, WillowTwin, assembles and structures data across static, spatial and live data sources into a virtual replica of the built form. Through the twin, users can drive operational efficiency and cost reductions, improve their sustainability management, and improve IoT and operational technology security across their facilities.


“We believe digital twins will transform the built environment,” said CEO and co-founder of Willow, Joshua Ridley. “Through this partnership and integration, digital twins and smart asset solutions can be deployed faster and more seamlessly, which in turn can drive smarter maintenance and capital planning.”

By integrating directly with Procore at the start of a construction project, delivery teams can save integration time that is usually spent on asset data checks at the end of construction. Additionally, assets that leverage this approach can have complete digital information that is compliant with data handover standards on Day 1 of operations, rather than spending time finding or recreating information from architecture, engineering or contractor teams.

“Digital twins are now widely accepted and are being implemented on many major portfolios and infrastructure networks,” said Tiffany LaBruno, product director, owners at Procore. “By integrating Procore and Willow, owners can now sync critical data collected during construction execution with any digital twin. This is a great step toward creating a more connected supply chain and solves the issue of siloed data in the delivery of assets.”





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