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B2W user conference targets success

By Adam Freill   

Construction Infrastructure Software

Technology has never been more critical for heavy construction contractors, says B2W’s Paul McKeon.

B2W Software, a leading provider of software for heavy construction, attracted contractors from across North America to its annual user conference last month where founder and CEO Paul McKeon emphasized how modernizing and integrating workflows will be the key to winning work and improving profitability.

The conference, held in La Quinta, Calif., was the largest in the company’s history and marked a return to in-person training, contractor networking and product development collaboration. Last year’s event was held online.

“Unprecedented industry dynamics are changing how contractors operate and reshaping the technology landscape,” McKeon told B2W users from throughout the United States and Canada in his keynote address. “Making the right technology investments has never been more critical to success.”

McKeon cited an expanded commitment to public spending and an expansive need for infrastructure construction across transportation, utility, energy, site work and other sectors as positive signs for the industry. Referencing the conference theme of Make work flow, he cautioned that tight margins, tough competition and intensifying labour, supply and project management challenges make it imperative that contractors use software to collaborate and gain efficiency.


“Massive investments are flowing into the construction software space to address the need to digitize and integrate workflows and to use data more effectively in real-time,” McKeon explained. He compared technology options available to contractors including his company’s ONE Platform, independent point solutions, accounting-centric systems, and integrated approaches offered by other suppliers.

“The concept of unified, collaborative data across estimating, scheduling, field tracking and equipment maintenance applications designed specifically to work with each other continue to align with emerging market requirements and opportunities,” he explained.





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