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Ontario opens newly expanded Highway 69

By Adam Freill   

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Critical road infrastructure to support economic growth and job creation in the North.

Map of expanded section of Highway 69.

(Image: Ontario Ministry of Transportation)

The Ontario government opened a 14-kilometre expansion of Highway 69 in the French River area this week. The province says that the newly widened highway, which was expanded from two to four lanes, will help improve traffic flow and safety, and support economic growth and prosperity in Northern Ontario.

“As we build Ontario, it’s critical that we continue to expand and improve highways across the province,” said Caroline Mulroney, the provincial minister of transportation. “In Northern Ontario, Highway 69 plays a vital role in helping people and goods move more quickly. By expanding the highway, our government is following through on its promise to support the economy and improve road safety.”

The new lanes on Highway 69 extend from north of Highway 522 to north of Highway 607. The expansion also includes two new interchanges.

“The opening of the new Highway 69 lanes is a gamechanger for French River and Sudbury residents,” said Greg Rickford, minister for northern development, mines, natural resources and forestry, as well as indigenous affairs. “By expanding this section of Highway 69, we will see improved safety and traffic flow in the region. The expansion will also create jobs and boost economic growth in Northern Ontario.”


The province has a plan to widen a total of 152 kilometres of Highway 69, from Parry Sound to Sudbury. The final 68-kilometre section between French River and Parry Sound is in the engineering and property acquisition phase.


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