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Carillion receives $8.9M from Alberta government for highway maintenance

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March 22, 2018 by Jillian Morgan

Carillion Canada will receive $8.9 million from the Alberta government to continue highway maintenance in the province until April 30.

The company is responsible for roughly 43 per cent of Alberta’s provincial highway network – over 33,000 kilometers.

Alberta’s highway maintenance is supplied through eight separate contracts, of which Carillion holds three. The company also controls over 300 snowplows, about half of those working on Alberta highways.

The money is also intended to help Carillion pay its employees and continue business with suppliers. It will cover outstanding amounts owed to vendors, which were incurred during the winter maintenance season.

Carillion employs about 300 workers during the winter and up to 500 during the summer months in Alberta.

Carillion Canada sought an order and stay of proceedings from the Ontario Superior Court under the Companies’ Creditor Arrangement Act in January following the collapse of its parent company, Carillion PLC.


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1 Comment » for Carillion receives $8.9M from Alberta government for highway maintenance
  1. Yuri Wishloff says:

    Spending taxpayers money to bail out this company is ridiculous. The parent company went down, and Carillion Canada will ultimately be deemed an asset for the vendors and other enterprises that are owed money by that parent company. Its time to move on from them, and spend our money on a lomg term solution. Alberta Transportation should also learn that putting all their eggs in one basket on an item as important as highway maintenance is irresponsible and foolish. Make the maintenance contract areas smaller and more manageable so smaller companies can provide competition to this market. If this had happened to a company maintaining a smaller area the other maintenance contractors could have picked up the slack. In this case Carillion owns over half of the snow plows in Alberta. If they close up shop, and we get hit with a large snow storm what will happen?

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