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Townhouse complex under construction in Kelowna, B.C. severely damaged in fire

By The Canadian Press   


KELOWNA, B.C.—A condominium development under construction in Kelowna, B.C., has been severely damaged in a fierce early morning blaze.

Flames broke out in a new phase of the Parklane townhouse complex on Kelowna’s north side April 6.

Fire swept through the unfinished units while intense heat damaged occupied condos nearby, forcing evacuations.

One resident says his condo overlooking the fire is now uninhabitable as windows in the unit cracked and shattered while he and his roommates fled.


There’s no word on injuries, but fire officials are monitoring a construction crane located in the middle of the damaged complex.

An engineer has been called to assess its stability while crews poured water on the flames that leaped more than a dozen metres in the air at the height of the blaze.


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