On-Site Magazine

Zero tail-swing compact excavator

By Adam Freill   


The U10-5 zero tail-swing compact excavator from Kubota Canada Limited is designed to fit through tight spaces and even inside buildings. The excavator features hydraulic adjustable track widths that contract to 30”, widening to 39” when increased stability is needed.

The U10-5 has a working range that includes a digging depth of five feet and 11 inches with a bucket breakout force of 2,337 lb. and has the same side lever joystick operational controls found on other, larger Kubota excavator offerings. Frame weight sits at 2,646 lb.; gross engine horsepower is 10.3; and top speed is four kilometres per hour.

“No matter how far you turn, the tail on the U10-5 remains within the width of the tracks to ensure excellent balance, stability and fast operation,” said Jonathan Gardner, Kubota construction equipment product manager. “It truly is the ideal model for working in the tightest, most compact spaces.”





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